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Creamy Cashew Coffee Dairy-free

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I was raised in the land of Dunkin Donuts, where ordering “regular” coffee gets you a large cream and sugar with a splash of coffee. So when I had to remove all dairy from my diet, I had no idea how to make a good cup of coffee. (Please don’t tell me to drink it black.)

Cashews to the rescue!

Soak whole, raw cashews for at least an hour to overnight (in fridge). Rinse and drain before using. Start by placing about 7-8 cashews in the bottom of a powerful blender. Add about 2 cups of room temperature or cold coffee (and I like to add about a 1/2 tsp of sugar, you do whatever you want). I haven’t tried this with hot coffee yet since I’m afraid it will blow the top of the blender off. Seriously. I use the highest setting on my blender (Whole Juice), which blends the coffee beautifully. But if you’re worried about chunky cashews, just run it on high again to make sure it’s nice and smooth and frothy. You can take it a step further and blend it with ice to make a little cashew milkshakey coffee, but I strangely like it at the room temp that it comes out. The cashew milk and coffee will want to separate. Just give it a stir if this bothers you. No judgement.

(Note: The amount of cashews you use is up to you. But considering they are so high in calories, I usually start small and add more if needed.)

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Hillbilly Elegy. I waited for months and months for my name to finally come up on the waitlist for this at the library. I will chose to read someone’s story over fiction any day of the week. (This is why I love sharing Founder’s startup stories…) Especially about a life so different than mine.
Headphones Filled-50Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher. There’s only so much Kidz Bop one can take. So I jump at the chance to listen to this life-giving & encouraging podcast for creative entrepreneurs when I finally have a moment alone in the car. There are countless take aways from each of Jenna’s episodes. But her one consistent message is, for us as business owners, to constantly find ways to serve our customers. Champagne Filled-50

Covet + Lou just opened a store in nearby Needham MA and I kind of feel like the Greater Boston area just won the lottery. It would be a dream to sell our bags here.

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