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As I’ve mentioned, if our blog were a mullet, etc. would be the party in the back. But some months, the party feels more like a glass of wine or two with a couple close friends, than a rowdy mint julep gathering. (Though that happened too.) So pull those pjs on, grab a glass of wine and curl up on the couch.

Real talk, May has made me so grateful for community. For the people I do life with – old and new. For the people I immediately felt at home with the first time I met them. For the people I learn from. For the people who encourage me. For the people I encourage. For customers!

People often ask where the name Bevy came from. Bevy – a bevy of women – coming together and cheering each other on. From the women we hire to sew our bags to the women who purchase them. We are all in this together.

Now the fun stuff… See those gorgeous green earrings in the photo above? Loving everything from Hamilton Grace. I had a chance to be part of a Hamilton Grace trunk show with founder Sarah Essex, and I may have spent way too much time shopping their goods.Magazine Filled-50

Sweatshop Labor is Wrong Unless the Shoes are Cute. Ouch. I readily – and hate to – admit this is so true. Even though Bevy Goods was started for the sole purpose of giving sewing jobs to encourage and empower through ethical employment, I can be very good at rationalizing some of my purchases.

“Desirable products or products created by favorable brands seemingly get a free pass, as long as consumers have the mental resources to justify their purchase.”

I honestly wish I could just stick my head in the sand and pretend ignorance is bliss. Especially when the shoes are cute. But change never comes from ignorance. So let’s all work on educating ourselves about our favorite brands’ manufacturing practices. This Living Wage Report from CleanClothes.org is a great place to start.

Headphones Filled-50NEEDTOBREATHE. HARD LOVE. On repeat. I love that my boys immediately ask me to play this as soon as we start the car. So much better than listening to Kidzbop.

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