07 01 17

The last week was spent in paradise with my family. A long-awaited, trip of a lifetime to celebrate our anniversary. Hence the rum punches and beach reads and conchs.

All the Pretty Things by Edie Wadsworth Oh my goodness. You know when you are so sad to finish a book because you’ve come to love the characters? Only this is Edie’s memoir and now I want to meet her in real life and give her the biggest hug. More than just a rags to riches story, from growing up very poor in Appalachia to becoming a doctor, Edie shares her journey to peace with her relationship with her alcoholic father. She reflects on her life with humility for her choices, love for her relationships, gratitude for her faith and need for redemption. So beautiful.

Wow in the World We all know my love of podcasts. And now I get to listen to Guy Raz’s NPR made-for-kids science podcast with my kids in the car or waiting in the airport. (Does Guy Raz have a fan club? No? I think we should start one.)

Sun Bum Clear Zinc Oxide You know what’s fun? When you’re on a tropical vacation and you discover your son has a sun allergy. The advice we got from his pediatrician was to 1. keep him out of the sun and 2. use zinc oxide. Since the former was not an option, we were thrilled to come across this Sun Bum Zinc Oxide. I was totally picturing ’80’s Zinka neon zinc oxide, but no, this one dries clear. Lifesaver!

Conch! Fresh from the ocean. Straight from the knife, ceviche in a salad, fried and frittered.



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